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Indonesia Wedding Photographers

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Getting Married in Indonesia

Across its assortment of beautiful islands, Indonesia offers wedding couples a variety of distinct ethnicities, languages, cultures and religious customs that will bring a distinctive wedding experience. Indonesia consists of an incredible 17,508 islands, making it the world’s largest archipelagic state with an enormous variety of scenic wedding locations. Each wedding held here will possess its own unique flavor but will surely reflect certain facets of the diverse wedding traditions of Indonesia. Wedding photographers will be able to artistically capture the bride and groom, who are typically dressed in black velvet, according to many Indonesian customs. At the same time, shooting the ceremony amongst the sweet customary jasmine flowers will encapsulate the romance and excitement of the wedding festivities. Java is a fairly small island of Indonesia and is home to more than half of the country’s population as well as the capital city of Jakarta. Bali is a dream destination for both wedding couples and honeymooners, offering the best of tropical scenery, from stunning beaches to magnificent volcanoes. Sumatra is the second largest island, containing towering volcanoes and beautiful foothills, as well as hot springs, rivers and lakes. Another popular island is Lombok, an island with pepper-like sand and the ominous Mount Rinjani volcano. In addition, Lombok features a dramatic dance tradition that many find captivating to observe. Whatever the style or location in this country, the memories of an Indonesian wedding are certain to remain forever, especially through the outstanding photographs shot by a professional destination wedding photojournalist.

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