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What the PJ Style is / Wedding Photojournalism

By GEORGE WEIR - The Wedding Photojournalist Association

There are probably at least twice as many definitions of “What The PJ Style Is” as there are photographers practicing it. When asked 'what is photojournalism'? W. Eugene Smith, one of the 20th century’s greatest photojournalists, replied “Documentary Photography with a purpose”.

For me the single most important element of the PJ Style is meeting and exceeding the client’s wishes, desires and taste with my own documentary style. Beyond delivering technical excellence the photographer’s eye and brain must be able to anticipate and recognize not only the physical actions and emotions but also the geometric shapes, lighting and composition that come together to reveal seemingly simple but complex images. It is the photographer’s assignment to record these moments and produce images that will warrant many second looks over many years.

PJ Style should be a cohesive collection of images that are not only a record of the day’s events but are also images that capture as many “decisive moments” as possible. The resultant images should be able to stand the test of time and look as fresh and vital in thirty or more years as they did when first viewed.

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