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WPJA Testimonials from Couples

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"I can't thank you enough for providing this site!!! I was so nervous looking for a photographer for my wedding; I had only 4 months to plan my wedding and very particular tastes. I kindly thanked my friends and family who kept suggesting their photographers to me but knew in my heart that I wanted something different. I didn't want to settle for a wedding album full of posed, generic shots; I wanted a photographer who would be able to capture the story of my wedding from a unique point of view, so I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found your site (it was the first hit when I googled "wedding photojournalist").

As soon as I started navigating around on your website, I knew I would find exactly what I wanted. I spent quite some time looking through all the contest photos (and must admit that I frequently go back just to see the new photos and contest participants). One of the first photographers I checked out from your website was the one I hired! I chose Kristin Kay Reimer of Photomuse and was sure that I made the right decision from the moment I met her. She was professional, easy to work with, and, most importantly, captured our wedding perfectly! She was very open to trying different ideas during the engagement photo session, and I felt very comfortable giving her free reign of what to shoot during the wedding, too. I don't think I would have found her without WPJA, and for that I am so grateful! My entire family loved working with her. Every time I show my pictures to people, I keep hearing, "Oh, this picture is my, this one is my favorite....oh no, THIS one is...they're all so GOOD!"

Anyway, I participate in several wedding-related forums and can't tell you how many times I recommend your site to people. And every time I do, I get a number of other forum participants say how they found their photographers through WPJA as well. Again, thank you for helping make such an important decision such an easy one. Keep up the excellent website, and you can be sure I'll be raving about WPJA to anyone who will listen!!"


"Dear WPJA -
Thank you so much for the wonderful service you are providing for today's discerning bride. Although our wedding took place in Oct 04, I still visit to see the new contest winners and I highly recommend your site to brides-to-be whenever possible.

To give you a little background about our experience with your site, my husband and I were very concerned with choosing the right type of photographer for our wedding. We planned a very small wedding - 54 guests total - and did not want to lose the intimate feeling for our day by selecting an obtrusive photographer -- someone that would be in everyone's faces and taking 100 different combinations of "bride/groom/family" photos -- basically ruining the mood. So we knew from the start that we wanted someone with a photojournalistic and candid style, but, as you know, "photojournalistic" is the trendy buzz-word of the day, and you can't always believe what you read. After wading unsuccessfully through site after site from photographers proclaiming their photojournalistic style, I was feeling very frustrated with our choices and not at all sure that the photographer we were looking for could be found in Massachusetts. Then, after one more Google attempt, I came across the Wedding Photojournalist Association -- and a screen full of MA-based photojournalists. Once I clicked through to George Martell's website I knew we had to meet with him and see his work in person. My husband was floored by his albums...and this is a man that DID NOT get excited about wedding stuff :) As soon as we got back in our car, we agreed he was the one for us. We couldn't have been happier with George Martell's work - and we'll always cherish the amazing photo memories from our special wedding day.

Thank you."


"I want to take some time to comment on a photographer that you all have recently recognized—Matt Adcock from Matt Adcock Photography in Atlanta, Georgia. I am from Georgia and wanted badly to have our wedding on the coast of Georgia but recently followed my fiancé to Seattle, Washington for his work and thus, planning a wedding in Georgia was made very difficult and mainly online.

I read all the magazines and all of the “bride beware” books and quickly realized that for me, the photographer was TOP priority—not my dress, not the food, not the flowers, the photographer. In doing my research, I decided that I wanted a photographer that belonged to your association; your website was so helpful. I did the majority of wedding planning and booking online as I was 3,000 miles away from where the wedding was to take place.

I stumbled on Matt’s website through a Google search, and as became customary for my photographer search, I quickly checked to ensure that he was a member of the WPJA—he was. I perused his site and fell in love with his work—it was exactly what I was looking for. I called him and we spoke about his philosophy and style and I knew that I wanted Matt Adcock to photograph my wedding. He is the consummate professional, honest, flexible and the hardest worker I have ever seen. At the wedding, EVERYONE commented on how hard he and his assistants worked and we all noticed that he seemed to be everywhere all at once, capturing every moment of the day.

I am thankful that I followed my instinct and hired Matt site unseen and thankful to your association for making my decision easier. The final product that he provided was impeccable, rivaled only by his sheer talent and work ethic. Thank you for helping me find the prefect photographer—the photographer gave me the perfect wedding pictures."


"Last year I sent you an email thanking you for creating the WPJA web site. After searching and searching unsuccessfully for a photographer I was quickly able to find one on your web site. As promised, I wanted to let you know how it went...

I just want to thank you again for the service your web site provides. After spending only a few minutes on the computer I was able to locate and contact a photographer, Stacey Kane. As a photojournalist, Stacey was able to capture the unique story of our wedding. We hardly even knew she was there--we were thrilled when we got the photos back. They were artistically done and captured the emotions of not only us, but our friends and families as well.

Individuals that were unable to attend the wedding said that after looking at the photos they felt almost as if they had been there. I don't think complements come much higher than that. Andrew (my husband) and I couldn't be happier with Stacey and our photographs. They are something our families will cherish for generations to come. Again, thank you."


"The WPJA site was great! I was able to see who was in my area, what was in my price range, who was willing to travel etc... having it all on one page with links to the photographers web pages, it was so much more user freindly then those sites with massive lists of every photographer in a state, where you have to waste time looking up photographers who weren't what you were looking for in the first place! - here its all done.

I've set up appointments with a few of the photographers that were listed in my state - their portfolio's look great and I'm so excited that I may have found a fantastic photographer for my wedding day!
Thanks so much!"


"I just wanted to voice my gratitude for your exciting wedding photography resource. Just like every bride-to-be, I had a vision of my Big Day; and for me, the most important details were the dress and, even more so, the photographer. With a life-long interest in art and photography, I knew I couldn't settle for the average stiff wedding photo - I wanted images that were alive, timeless, and emotionally honest. Typing Illinois Wedding Photographers into a search engine yielded very disappointing results. I then modified my Google search entry to wedding photojournalsim. That's what led me to the WPJA.

Your professional-looking and easy-to-navigate site immediately encouraged me, and within seconds I was browsing your impressive list of decorated wedding photojournalists. I was blown away by the beautiful images of all the featured photographers. But when I stumbled upon the work of Oscar from S1 Photography, I knew he was the one for me. The images he shot for our wedding make me laugh, cry, and genuinely feel the day all over again. Booking him was the best wedding decision I made. My husband, family, and friends all agree. I would not have found Oscar without the WPJA. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Not only did your website introduce me to my gifted wedding photographer, it also helped foster my own interest in the artform. I regularly visit your site to view the WPJA photo contest entries, and I look forward to seeing who places in which category. Your site is a treasure-trove of unique, artful wedding imagery and will be indispensible for any bride or groom who is passionate about photography. I'm quite the nerdy advocate for the WPJA - I just love you guys. :D"