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Wedding Photojournalism = Captured Moments

The WPJA puts the world’s best wedding photography at your fingertips. We offer a new perspective on wedding photography – quietly capturing the real moments as they happen for the bride and groom.

It is our goal to use photography to tell the story of your wedding day, not dictate it for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Membership in the WPJA depends entirely on photographers meeting our high standards for inclusion. One CANNOT simply pay his/her way into the WPJA. We emphasize this is NOT another ad-driven wedding web site.

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Lazio, Italy
Massimiliano Esposito

Photographer Massimiliano Esposito from Lazio, Italy I was born in Rome,Italy in the 1976; i'm a father of two girls; i love movies, paintings and naturally photography. Because your wedding is going to be important to me as my own. I'am going to stick with you from...

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New York (Upstate), United States
Sarah Beck

Photographer Sarah Beck from New York (Upstate), United States I am a wedding photojournalist based in New York's capital region. Graduate of the Hallmark Institute of Photography and a proud member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association. I find myself most at home with creatives and characters. I adore completely non-traditional, off-beat...

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Taichung, Taiwan
Ke-Wan Li

Photographer Ke-Wan Li from Taichung, Taiwan 婚禮紀錄 | 自主婚紗 | 活動紀錄 | 人像寫真 | 親子寫真 | 寵物寫真 | 商業攝影 ​ 一場好的婚禮紀錄能為一個新家庭的建立寫下歷史性的一頁。 婚禮攝影是屬於新人及攝影師的個人風格攝影,但它又不專屬於某一派別或類別,因為拍照的同時攝影師要了解各種攝影的特性、熟悉各種攝影器材的應用進而展現出屬於婚禮當天新人的專屬回憶照片。一個專業的婚禮攝影師當他面對決定性的瞬間畫面時,腦海中要快速決定構圖當中的人、事、時、地、物以及顏色、光線及畫面比例切割等的紀實攝影,目的就是要讓「照片說故事」。 每場婚禮在開拍前,都需要與新人及家中長輩所想要的期盼進行溝通及了解,婚禮攝影具有許多攝影的特性,但善用這些特性讓作品越單純就越有意境,而這些意境就顯示出了婚禮它所擁有的獨特性。好的攝影師會利用婚禮現場的光線特性讓之後欣賞照片的新人們透過照片回憶起當時內心的期待、雀躍以及不捨。完整「記錄」一整場婚禮並不困難,困難的是要將婚禮紀錄提升到視覺藝術的境界,讓新人永難忘懷這才是技巧。 您好,我是攝影師...

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