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Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

On the eve of Christmas, as we celebrate this holiday season, we would like thank you for being a part of the WPJA in 2009. We wish you all a safe and happy holidays and hope your celebrations will be joyous and memorable.

To help celebrate the Holiday season here are the Q3 2009 Contest Results.

The Q3 Contest Results Are Now Live On The Site

The Q3 '09 WPJA contest results have been uploaded to the site. Each category has 20 winning images, though in this email only the Top 10 are mentioned. More info and all winning images here

Top 10 Winners From Each Q3 Category

Getting Ready

"Getting Ready" entries spontaneously capture the prepping, grooming, arranging, outfitting, and nail-biting before the ceremony.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Ken Blaze, Ohio
06. Eric Lagstein, New Jersey
02. Marianne Earthy, Sweden
07. Marianne Earthy, Sweden
03. Wojciech Blindman, Poland
08. Wayne Yuan, New Jersey
04. Lyndsay Undseth, N. California
09. Priscilla Thomas, S. Carolina
05. Dennis Viera, N. California
10. Amie Otto, Virginia


"Ceremony" shots catch guests and participants throughout pre-ceremony, vow-exchange, and receiving line activity.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Mark Earthy, England
06. Debra Zeller, N. California
02. Edoardo Agresti, Italy
07. Siang Loo, Washington
03. Abbie Flynn, Texas
08. Christina Gressianu, CO
04. Franco Milani, Italy
09. Cindy Crabb, Texas
05. Raymond Leung, Canada
10. Giuseppe Voci, Italy


"Reception" photographs document festivities from the cocktail hour through the last dance and departure.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Genevieve Nisly, Ohio
06. Przemyslaw Pokrycki, Poland
02. Toby Morris, Connecticut
07. Gulnara Samoilova, NY
03. Cameron Gillie, Wisconsin
08. Brandon Wright, S. California
04. Daniel Kudish, Canada
09. Sacha Miller, Wales
05. David Murray, Georgia
10. Nadra Edgerley, Maine

Details (Found)

"Details (Found)" encompasses tighter shots of the day's small slices AS THEY WERE FOUND. This category is NOT for set-up detail shots. It's important that images submitted in this category don't contain content controlled by the photographer.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Marine Fonteyne, Italy
06. Eng Hong Loh, Singapore
02. Konstantin Andruhin, Russia
07. Debra Gulbas, Texas
03. Tony Cabrera, Illinois
08. Allen McEachern, Canada
04. Emin Kuliyev, New York
09. Mark Earthy, England
05. Alisen Charlten, Canada
10. Debra Gulbas, Texas
Judges Comments:

"This photo detail looks like an orchid. The backlight accentuates the lines. This is very nice."
"A classically elegant interpretation of the wedding dress (at least I think it's a dress). There's almost an otherworldly feel to this abstract view."
"Just a different look at a scene that is so typical to a wedding. The pattern and window light makes this a winner."


Photos submitted into "Dancing" will display the varied emotions that take place on a wedding reception dance floor. Anything from the reception dance floor that illustrates the mood of a particular moment (from the first dance to the end of the party).

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Ken Blaze, Ohio
06. Carrie Pratt, Florida
02. Ian Southworth, England
07. Adam Welch, Colorado
03. Scott Juarez, Texas
08. Olga Boyko, Germany
04. Brian Wedge, Maine
09. Porter Gifford, Massachusetts
05. Jane Shauck, Connecticut
10. Chris Hartwig, France


"Emotion" entries unobtrusively freeze intriguing expressions ranging from joy to tears.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Lucas Mobley, Washington
06. John Hudetz, Colorado
02. Kaila Williams, Missouri
07. Kim Bednarski Anderson, WI
03. Morgan Lynn Razi, Texas
08. Larry Brunt, Washington
04. Tom Paice, England
09. Giuseppe Voci, Italy
05. Marcelo Bruno, Brazil
10. Yu Hsin Seah, Singapore


"Humor" photographs document the lighter side of the wedding day.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Joseph Gidjunis, PA
06. Agnieszka Matuszewska, NY
02. Dominique Cabrelli, France
07. Julian Fuhrmann, Germany
03. Heather Hopkins, Virginia
08. Britta Trygstad, North Dakota
04. Karen Bridges, Illinois
09. Emin Kuliyev, New York
05. Rajan Chawla, Vermont
10. Giuseppe Voci, Italy

Creative Portrait

"Creative Portrait" employs a fresh and artistic approach to portraiture in capturing the bride, groom, bridal party, family, friends, children and/or any other posed wedding party member. Candid moments are not eligible for this category.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Yu Hsin Seah, Singapore
06. Jasser Abu-Giemi, Canada
02. Christian Keenan, England
07. Deborah Kates, Illinois
03. Kent Meireis, Colorado
08. Nikos Papadopoulos, GR
04. Ben Benvie, Canada
09. Brooke Mayo, N. Carolina
05. F.C. Wong, N. California
10. Kenny Nakai, Illinois

Scene Setters

"Scene Setters" provide the essence of the story through one image. Such photographs are derived when the photographer steps back and takes it all in.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Preston Utley, Colorado
06. Marino Prieto, Brazil
02. Julie Kim, England
07. Blair Gable, Canada
03. Bill Mccullough, Texas
08. Bill Mccullough, Texas
04. Franco Milani, Italy
09. Genevieve Nisly, Ohio
05. Samo Rovan, Slovenia
10. Cathy Loughran, Spain


For the "Toasting" category, we are looking for images of individuals toasting.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Adrienne Maples, Kansas
06. Lelia Scarfiotti, Italy
02. Tony Matkey, Kentucky
07. Michelle Robinson, N. Carolina
03. Tze Yong Tan, Singapore
08. Dominique Cabrelli, France
04. Dave Getzschman, N. California
09. Jaime Viera, S. California
05. Kent Meireis, Colorado
10. Shelley Paulson, Minnesota


For the "Weather" category, entries include the effects that the weather had on the wedding day (hot, cold, rain, wind, etc.).

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Ronald Soliman, Delaware
06. Aaron Spicer, Virginia
02. Dennis Viera, N. California
07. Andree Kehn, Maine
03. Samo Rovan, Slovenia
08. Gerhard Nel, Netherlands
04. Brett Butterstein, Colorado
09. Christian Keenan, England
05. Antonio Sarno, Italy
10. Josie Liming, Washington

Other Vendors

"Other Vendors" submissions include images of musicians, DJs, bands, wedding planners, reception hall staff, florists, caterers, etc., performing their job to make the wedding day possible.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Christobal Perez, N. Carolina
06. Marco Miglianti, Italy
02. Christian Keenan, England
07. Thomas Gudbrandsen, NOR
03. F.C. Wong, N. California
08. David Murray, Georgia
04. Ian Bursill, England
09. Adrian Pelcz, Romania
05. Ian Bursill, England
10. Julie Ambos, Florida

Q3 News: Updated Home Page Random Images

We've recently updated the WPJA.com site with Q3 contest winning images from the following members:

Amie Otto, Virginia Holly Pacione, Colorado Matt Adcock, Georgia
Antonio Sarno, Italy Inbal Sivan, New York Miguel Mayo, S. California
Bill Mccullough, Texas Jacob Bongiovanni, S. California Nadra Edgerley, Maine
Chris Hartwig, France Jasser Abu-Giemi, Canada Neil Palmer, England
Christian Keenan, England John Zich, Illinois Preston Utley, Colorado
Christobal Perez, North Carolina John Hudetz, Colorado Samo Rovan, Slovenia
Daniel Beh, Singapore Joseph Gidjunis, Pennsylvania Shelley Paulson, Minnesota
Daniel Kudish, Canada Julie Ambos, Florida Sunny Tan, Malaysia
Dave Getzschman, N. California Kerry Morgan, England Toby Morris, Connecticut
Edoardo Agresti, Italy Konstantin Andruhin, Russia Tom Paice, England
Emil Agaev, Azerbaijan Larry Brunt, Washington Tyson Trish, New Jersey
Emin Kuliyev, New York Marine Fonteyne, Italy Xiao Xu, China
Gerhard Nel, Netherlands Mariusz Lasocha, Canada Yu Hsin Seah, Singapore


Photographer - Top Left
Shelley Paulson, Minnesota
Photographer - Top Middle
Edoardo Agresti, Italy
Photographer - Top Right
Tom Paice, England

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Photography Contests

3rd place in Great Natural Light: Clara Sampaio, Brazil
5th place in Great Natural Light: Dennis Crider, United States
1st place in Reception: Max Pell, Argentina
5th place in Reception: Max Pell, Argentina
4th place in Great Natural Light: David Clumpner, United States

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