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The Results for the 2009 BRIDES Magazine Photo Contest are now Live!

BRIDES Magazine and the WPJA have joined forces for the third year in a row, offering a free wedding photojournalism contest for WPJA members. First place winning images from each of the ten categories were published in a six-page spread in the November/December 2009 issue of BRIDES Magazine. It is on newsstands right now!

The first place images are live on BRIDES.com and the top ten images from each category are now live on WPJA.com. Please take a few minutes to check out the images on either site by using the following links:



Gold Medallions will be awarded for 1st through 3rd place winners. Blue Medallions will be awarded for 4th through 10th place. Member Gallery Pages will be updated for all winners.

As a reminder, listing ranking and POY points are not awarded for the WPJA/BRIDES Magazine contests.

NOTE: Comments provided by BRIDES Magazine for the first place winners in each category were made AFTER their editorial staff was provided with contact information for the winning WPJA members. BRIDES Magazine communicates with the first place contest winners in order to obtain larger size images for use in their publication.


Winners From Each Category


Images from the wedding day in which candid, natural moments of the bride are captured. The bride must be depicted as the main subject in photos submitted in this category.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Daniel Kudish, QB 06. Anne Ryan, IL
02. Britta Trygstad, ND 07. Neil Luxford, England
03. Brian Wedge, ME 08. Miguel Mayo, S. CA
04. Lindsay Parrish, ON 09. Ronald Soliman, DE
05. Devon Meyers, S. CA 10. Siu Ming Fung, Hong Kong

Bridal Party

A category for both portraits and moments that feature multiple members of the bridal party. In the case of portraits, photographers are encouraged to adopt a creative approach to their submissions.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Britta Trygstad, ND 06. Brooke Mayo, NC
02. Matt McGraw, NC 07. Christobal Perez, NC
03. Craig Volpe, OR 08. Peter Doyle, NY
04. Rhee Bevere, N. CA 09. Clara Bigaretti, Italy
05. Jessica Weiser, ME 10. Kim Hayes, WA


Images taken during pre-ceremony, ceremony or reception activities that depict traditional/non-traditional culture or customs.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Marie Labbancz, NJ 06. Robert Swiderski, IL
02. Devon Meyers, S. CA 07. Samuel Lippke, S. CA
03. Daniel Kudish, QB 08. Radhika Chalasani, NY
04. Collins Metu, S. TX 09. Geoff Hansen, VT
05. Marc Climie, GA 10. Oscar Setiawan, IL


Captured moments of those who participate in the wedding (guests, family, and bridal party) during the pre-ceremony, vow-exchange, and receiving-line activities.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Monica Donovan, VT 06. Simi Rabinowitz, MA
02. Dominique Cabrelli, France 07. Inbal Sivan, NY
03. Larry Brunt, WA 08. Gloria Fenaroli, Italy
04. Philip Casey, AK 09. Steve Stanton, CO
05. Shane O'Neill, Ireland 10. Jacek Wiesnowski, NY

Getting Ready

Submitted entries should spontaneously capture the prepping, grooming, arranging, outfitting, and anticipation before the ceremony.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Scott Juarez, N. TX 06. Amelia Phillips Hale, SC
02. Hooman Bahrani, NC 07. Christina Craft, BC
03. Joyce Perlman, N. CA 08. Lacey Gadwill, NC
04. Dru Nadler, CT 09. Anne McQuary, SC
05. Daniel Kudish, QB 10. Csaba Varga, Hungary

General Contest Comments From Round 1:

"There were so many beautiful images, it was difficult to choose only ten in some categories. I can’t emphasize strongly enough that photographers should consider paying more attention to cropping. There were a lot of poignant moments lost in bad crops and even some of the winning images had distracting elements."


Entries of found moments depicting babies, children, and youth doing what they do best (kids being kids)!

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Amy Newman, NJ 06. Buffy Goodman, AB
02. Terrence Bishop, S. CA 07. Carl Bower, DC
03. Darryl Chan, Singapore 08. Oleg Rostovtsev, Germany
04. Tim Harman, GA 09. Jason Speros, Central TX
05. Aljosa Videtic, Slovenia 10. Christopher Lane, NJ


Anything from the reception dance floor that illustrates the mood of a particular moment (from the first dance to the end of the party).

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Buffy Goodman, AB 06. Kirsten Shultz, ID
02. Carla Ten Eyck, CT 07. Annette Taylor, N. TX
03. Dennis Drenner, MD 08. Jonathan Adams, KY
04. Will McDowell, MO 09. William Nunnally, Spain
05. Collins Metu, S. TX 10. Brian Wedge, ME


Images that capture the emotion or mood of the toasts/speeches. Photos can include the person giving the toast, the guests' reactions, or the bride and groom.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Justin Runquist, IL 06. Christine Lee Smith, S. CA
02. Kirsten Shultz, ID 07. Edwin Tan, Malaysia
03. Debra Zeller, N. CA 08. Federico Fasano, Italy
04. Chris Humphreys, S. CA 09. Jonathan Hanson, MD
05. Adam Trzcionka, Poland 10. Brendan Kelly, England

Bride and Groom

Any images from the wedding day in which candid, natural moments of the bride and groom are captured. Both the bride and groom must be depicted as the main subjects.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Marcus Mokros, Switzerland 06. Brad Cohen, NJ
02. Carl Bower, DC 07. Steven Young, NY
03. Mark Davidson, MA 08. Everett Ayoubzadeh, MN
04. Brendan Kelly, England 09. John Decker, N. CA
05. Janis Ratnieks, England 10. Jonathan Adams, KY

General Contest Comments From Round 1:

"I would encourage photographers to take more risks with style and composition, but beware of gimmicks. Try to let go of preconceived notions and rather keep a keen eye focused for the surprises. It is, in the end, all about the moment…"


Candid, natural moments of the couples' parents on the wedding day.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:

01. Channing Johnson, MA 06. Joyelle West, MA
02. Jacqueline Dersjant, Netherlands 07. Marcin Harla, MI
03. Craig Litten, FL 08. Craig Volpe, OR
04. Brooke Mayo, NC 09. Philip Thomas, S. TX
05. Roey Yohai, NY 10. Annie O'Neill, PA


Contest Judges (Round 1)

Carol Guzy is a three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer with The Washington Post. Guzy originally studied to be a nurse, but changed course after taking a photojournalism class. She received her most recent Pulitzer in 2000 for photographs of Kosovo refugees, a second in 1995 for her portrayal of the U.S. intervention in Haiti, and her first in 1986 awarding her work during a mudslide in Colombia for The Miami Herald. Guzy graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 1980 and acquired her first job with the Miami Herald after a successful internship. She spent eight years at the Herald, then joined The Washington Post in 1988. In 1990, Guzy was the first woman to receive the Newspaper Photographer of the Year Award, presented by the National Press Photographers Association.

Rick Loomis is a staff photographer at the Los Angeles Times, where he has worked since graduating from Western Kentucky University in 1994. In 2007, Loomis won the Pulitzer Prize for his work on a 5-part series that delved into the ills of the world's oceans. A portion of the work is currently on display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. He has also been a consistent contributor to stories on the U.S. military for the Times since 2001. More than two years of his life have been spent living in either Afghanistan or Iraq for months at a time.

He is a frequent lecturer at a number of universities, a long-time Photo Coach at the Mountain Workshop and has been a team leader at the Eddie Adams Workshop. Other notable distinctions include Photographer of the Year International, Award of Excellence for Portfolio (2008); 3rd place Portfolio (2006), John B. Oakes Award for Distinguished Environmental Journalism (2007), The Sidney Hillman Foundation Award for Overall Excellence In Photojournalism (2005), Los Angeles Press Club, Journalist of the Year (2004), Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Award for spot news, "The War in Iraq," (2003), National Press Photographers Association Newspaper Photographer Of The Year (2003), California Press Photographers Association Newspaper Photographer Of The Year (2002 and 2004).

Jay Dickman is a National Geographic photographer; he has photographed more than 25 assignments for the Society. Jay was a participating photographer on 15 of the Day in the Life Of series; also a photographer on “Passage to Vietnam” and was featured on the interactive CD ROM. Jay has photographed for publications such as National Geographic Adventure, Conde Nast Traveler, FORTUNE, Forbes, American Way Magazine, and TIME. Jay, an “Olympus Visionary” and a “Lexar Elite Photographer”, also has to his credit the Pulitzer Prize, many national and regional awards, and was most recently an instructor for a series of classes in ‘Advanced Digital Photography’ at the 2006 “MacWorld” in San Francisco. McGraw-Hill recently published Perfect Digital Photography, co-authored by Jay Dickman: a start-to-finish guide to digital photography, discussing the aesthetics of photography, workflow and working in Photoshop.

Michael Ainsworth is a staff photographer at The Dallas Morning News. A graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington, with a degree in journalism, he has won awards for his coverage of spot news and sports. He was one of the staffers at the DMN who were honored to receive the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News for their coverage of Hurricane Katrina and it's aftermath.

John Kaplan’s ‘Diverse Lifestyles of American 21-Year-Olds’ project won the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography. His work shows at museums and galleries worldwide including solo exhibitions in the United States, Bolivia and Korea as well as group shows in the U.S., United Kingdom, France, Japan, Korea, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Kaplan is 1989 Photographer of the Year for the annual Pictures of the Year (POY) contest and received the Robert F. Kennedy Award for outstanding coverage of the disadvantaged in the United States.

Kaplan is a photography, design and international journalism professor at the University of Florida. He is twice photography juror for the Pulitzer Prize and is a frequent lecturer at photo workshops and seminars worldwide.

Kaplan's ‘Survivors of Torture in West Africa’ project won the 2003 Overseas Press Club Award for Feature Photography and the Harry Chapin Media Award for Photojournalism, and received recognition from the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation, National Headliner Awards, Best of Photojournalism Competition, Pictures of the Year International, Society of News Design and Photo District News Best of Photography Contest. Kaplan is author of Photo Portfolio Success (Writers Digest Books) and has beta-tested digital wedding album production techniques for two companies, including ArtZ.


Contest Judges (Round 2)

The editorial staff of BRIDES Magazine selected and ranked the first through tenth place winning images from each category.