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Truth With A Camera WorkshopTruth With A Camera Workshop
Wéyo & The Truth With A Camera Workshop - October 11th through 19th - Dominican Republic


This is a 48 Hours Notice to All WPJA Members: Apply for a Workshop Scholarship!

Truth With A Camera Banner The WPJA is offering a full scholarship for one WPJA member to attend a Truth With A Camera/Wéyo workshop in the Dominican Republic, October 11th-19th, 2008. This is a $2,100 value + $700 toward travel expenses to get to the Dominican Republic. For full details about this intense, week-long workshop, visit the Truth With A Camera site. Members can apply online through the WPJA site using the Member Login section. All applications will be forwarded to Wéyo where they will select a winner based on the applicant's wedding photojournalism portfolio displayed on their site. The WPJA will not be involved in the selection process. We will simply forward all applications submitted. There are only 15 seats per workshop. A great opportunity for photojournalism editors to look at your daily work.

The deadline for WPJA Member scholarship applications is Saturday, August 2nd, 11:59 p.m. EST.


Mission of the Truth With A Camera/Wéyo Workshop

Stephen M. Katz

Stephen M. Katz

Their mission is to educate photojournalists, not only in current technologies, but in understanding cultural differences and similarities and to contribute to truth, ethics, and social justice. Their goal is to reflect honesty, sensitivity, and intelligence in photojournalism, and to use these as tools to inspire, educate, and promote change in the world around us. Through the workshops, photojournalists will experience international location coverage and develop an understanding of their social responsibility to provide a voice to all members of society while emphasizing truth and ethics in an effort to bring about social change.



The Assignment for October 11th through 19th, 2008: The Dominican Republic

Christopher Tyree

Christopher Tyree

The island of Hispanola has a long and storied past. It is here that Christopher Columbus first landed when he discovered the New World. Today, The Dominican Republic - the eastern half of the island - is home to a vibrant and dynamic culture. Still the DR is a developing country with many of its people facing great need.

Truth with a Camera Workshops are personal challenges and paths to discovery for emerging visual journalists - opportunities to learn how to use photography to effect positive change to global inequities. Emphasis will be placed on making powerful documentary images.

This week-long field-workshop will be held in the city of Santiago, the country’s second largest city. Surrounded by banana plantations - and rife with barrios, Santiago is a marvelous microcosm of a country steeped in contradictions. Beautiful landscapes punctuated by swollen ghettos. Old world architecture a stone’s throw from shanties. Cock fighting, cigar factories and sugar cane fields blend together in a tapestry of extraordinary visuals to explore.

Christopher Tyree

Christopher Tyree

Several non-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) have set up shop in the DR to aid those desperately needing medical care and infrastructure modernization. Participants are required to research their topics in advance. Staff experienced in working in developing countries will provide guidance and assist with gaining access and story development.

Stephen M. Katz

Stephen M. Katz

Students will be broken into two teams of five and given five shooting days to work on their individual projects. Every evening the entire group will come together for dinner during which ideas and experiences will be shared. There will also be lectures at the end of most days where we will look at work and examine the obstacles and pathways to great photojournalism. Each student will have a full day of hands-on instruction by a world-class documentary photographer who will shoot along side and coach the participant. A photo-editor will remain back at the workshop headquarters to troubleshoot, critique and edit photographer’s takes throughout each day.

Student’s work will later be used to help promote the efforts of a non-profit or NGO working in the field in which they focused as well as serve as a completed body of work suitable for their portfolio.

The workshop promises to be challenging and life-changing both personally and professionally.



“The Truth with a Camera workshop was a great crash course for me. It was an information-packed week that set me on a path towards photojournalism that I have never looked back from. It proved to be a wonderful learning experience that I would highly recommend.” - Matt Eich


Wéyo Founder Bios

Christopher Tyree, CO-FOUNDER
Christopher Tyree

Think, feel, react. All essential steps for creating intimate images anyone can relate to. For Christopher, these insights are his daily guiding approach to visual storytelling. The result: moving projects that have promoted political and social change for the mentally ill, transformed blighted neighborhoods and refocused national attention on poverty issues in America.

Christopher is the co-founder of Wéyo and an award-winning documentary photographer, filmmaker and writer with more than 17 years of experience covering assignments on nearly every continent for a variety of publications and agencies. Integrity, perseverance, wit and curiosity have been the building blocks for his success.

He graduated with honors from James Madison University with a bachelor’s degree in communication and a minor in anthropology. He earned a master’s degree in visual communication from Ohio University, where he later taught design and several photography workshops. He has also worked as a designer and editor for a trade magazine.

His photography and editing have been recognized nationally and internationally, earning him numerous awards from esteemed competitions, including Pictures of the Year international, National Press Photographers Association, The Society for News Design, and The Associated Press. Christopher’s photographs have been displayed in exhibitions across the country and are held in several private collections. His work has also been published in many of the nation’s major newspapers and magazines, including Time, Newsweek, and Mother Jones.

His passion, inspiration and hope have culminated over the years with work for several nonprofits, including Physicians for Peace, Flashes of Hope, The Virginia Poverty Law Center and the Norfolk Foundation.


Stephen M. Katz, CO-FOUNDER
Stephen M. Katz

Poverty, suffering and sickness have no nationality. There is no passport that allows one to live in a country of extreme wealth and resources and leaves another to die from such curable conditions as malaria and malnutrition. Over the course of his career, Stephen has worked tirelessly so that these people — who care nothing for politics or tribal disputes — are never simply discarded as collateral damage in battles of greed.

Stephen is co-founder of Wéyo and an award-winning documentary photographer and filmmaker. Throughout his career, he has captured millions of images — from starving children in Mali's Sahel to war-weary soldiers in the deserts of Iraq. In 2008, Stephen was named Newspaper Photographer of the Year by Pictures of the Year international. He was also ranked third in the world in the Best of Photojournalism competition sponsored by the National Press Photographer’s Association (NPPA). Over the years, he has received numerous other state, regional and national photography awards, including top honors from the NPPA’s Northern Short Course Photographer of the Year; Southern Short Course Photographer of the Year and from The Associated Press and The Society for News Design. Additionally, his work has been published in several magazines and books and exhibited around the country.

Stephen has been seeing the world differently since he graduated with an anthropology degree from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. He was hired shortly thereafter as a social worker in Washington, D.C., and was later employed in public relations.

He launched his photography career after receiving a master’s degree in journalism and public relations from Temple University. He has worked for several newspapers throughout Virginia, including as a director of photography and photo editor and as a senior photographer and assistant photography editor for a newspaper in Maine.

Over the past two decades, he has partnered with several non-government organizations and the United Nations to document global health issues in over 40 developing countries, most recently in West and Central Africa.



Photographer - Top Left
Stephen M. Katz
Photographer - Top Middle
Stephen M. Katz
Photographer - Top Right
Stephen M. Katz

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5th place in Reception: Max Pell, Argentina
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