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WPJA Q4 08 Photo Contest

The top twenty pictures from each category can be viewed by clicking the contest thumbs on the WPJA homepage.

All Gold and Blue medallions and new Photo Galleries will be added to the site over the next week. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on all of the details related to this photo contest.


Getting Ready

Category Description:
"Getting Ready" entries spontaneously capture the prepping, grooming, arranging, outfitting, and nail-biting before the ceremony.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Cindy Brown, GA, USA 06. Diana Lott, TX-C, USA
02. Stacey Brandon, FL, USA 07. Shane Snider, NC, USA
03. Holly Pacione, CO, USA 08. Evan Bishop, CA-S, USA
04. Andre Maier, NY-C, USA 09. Shawna Herring, GA, USA
05. Genya Garrett, FL, USA 10. Marcin Rusinowski, POL


Category Description:
"Ceremony" shots catch guests and participants throughout pre-ceremony, vow-exchange, and receiving line activity.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Chris Humphreys, CA-S, USA 06. Ben Chrisman, CA-N, USA
02. Michael Temchine, DC, USA 07. Joyce Perlman, CA-N, USA
03. Ben Chrisman, CA-N, USA 08. Nathan Bridges, IL, USA
04. Olivier Tops, FR 09. Sarah Bastille, MA, USA
05. David Murray, ME, USA 10. Christina Hernandez, CA-N, USA


Category Description:
"Reception" photographs document festivities from the cocktail hour through the last dance and departure.

Top Ten Winners From This Category*:
01. Ryan Brenizer, NY-C, USA 06. Milosz Wozaczynski, POL
02. Franck Boutonnet, Lyon, FR 07. Denise Cregier, NY-U, USA
03. Genevieve Nisly, OH, USA 08. Ben Chrisman, CA-N, USA
04. Elli Gurfinkel, MI, USA 09. Kristy Ann Mann, CA-S, USA
05. Michael Lyn, FL, USA 10. Jacob Pritchard, NYC, USA

Kids (being kids)

Category Description:
"Kids" entries capture babies, children, and youth doing what they do best!

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Ronald Soliman, DE, USA 06. Alasdair McBroom, NIR
02. Karri North, ON, CAN 07. Anne Ryan, IL, USA
03. Christian Keenan, ENG 08. Adam Welch, CO, USA
04. Elisabeth Millay, NJ, USA 09. Britta Trygstad, ND, USA
05. Robert Mirani, MA, USA 10. Marianne Earthy, SWE

Details (Found)

Category Description:
"Details (Found)" encompasses tighter shots of the day's small slices AS THEY WERE FOUND.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Dorota Kaszuba, POL 06. Tom Paice, ENG
02. Matt Adcock, GA, USA 07. Debra Zeller, CA-N, USA
03. Aurel Virlan, ROM 08. Lauren Brooks OR, USA
04. Peter Van De Maele, MEX 09. Luke Edmonson, TX-N, USA
05. Andree Kehn, ME, USA 10. Jonathan Allain, FL, USA


Category Description:
"Action" entries capture key moments in peak action, highlighting body language and/or expressions.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Steven Bridges, TN, USA 06. Eng Hong Loh, SIN
02. Tony Cabrera, IL, USA 07. Everett Ayoubzadeh, MN, USA
03. Lawrence Ng, SIN 08. Jon Giffin, TN, USA
04. Marco Miglianti, IT 09. Christophe Viseux, FR
05. Mark Wallis, ENG 10. Jim Sun, MA, USA


Category Description:
"Emotion" entries unobtrusively freeze intriguing expressions ranging from joy to tears.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Rich Janniello, NY-C, USA 06. Fadi Kheir, NY-C, USA
02. Andrew Collings, IL, USA 07. Patrick Low, MAS
03. Brett Buchanan, TX-C, USA 08. Dorota Kaszuba, POL
04. Sarah Bastille, MA, USA 09. Sharon Gutowski, MO, USA
05. Alison Yin, CA-N, USA 10. Ben Chrisman, CA-N, USA


Category Description:
"Humor" photographs document the lighter side of the wedding day.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Eng Hong Loh, SIN 06. Sol Tamargo, MEX
02. Tony Cabrera, IL, USA 07. Christian Keenan, ENG
03. Monte Swann, MN, USA 08. Deborah Kates, IL, USA
04. Laura Olson, MD, USA 09. Shawna Herring, GA, USA
05. Aurel Virlan, ROM 10. Robin Lin, NC, USA

Great Natural Light

Category Description:
"Great Natural Light" entries capture moments brilliantly lit under natural and ambient lighting conditions.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Brett Butterstein, CO, USA 06. Ben Chrisman, CA-N, USA
02. Sarah Bastille, MA, USA 07. Siang Loo, WA, USA
03. Scott Juarez, TX-N, USA 08. Adam Welch, CO, USA
04. Paulina Garcia Hubard, MEX 09. Ronald Soliman, DE, USA
05. Luigi Rota, IT 10. Scott Lewis, PA, USA

Creative Portrait

Category Description:
"Creative Portraits" employ a fresh and artistic approach to portraiture in capturing the bride, groom, bridal party, family, friends, children and/or any other posed wedding party member.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Kenny Nakai, IL, USA 06. Derrick Ong, SIN
02. Edmund Tham, MAL 07. Lezlie Sterling, CA-N, USA
03. Andy DeLisle, AZ, USA 08. Gabriel Harber, CA-N, USA
04. David Burges, ENG 09. Marcin Labedzki, POL
05. Eng Hong Loh, SIN 10. Chris Humphreys, CA-S, USA

Engagement Portraits

Category Description:
"Engagement Portraits" should demonstrate the photographer's ability to create an interesting environmental portrait of their clients prior to the wedding day.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Siang Loo, WA, USA 06. Emin Kuliyev, NY-C, USA
02. Tim Harman, GA, USA 07. Emin Kuliyev, NY-C, USA
03. Shane Snider, NC, USA 08. Shane Macomber, CO, USA
04. Nick Fancher, OH, USA 09. Gabriel Harber, CA-N, USA
05. Marie Labbancz, NJ, USA 10. Rafal Wegiel, AL, CAN

General Comment from a Q4 2008 Contest Judge:
"Overall, your members should be pleased with what they submitted. I could probably eliminate my top ten photographs and still find another ten to replace them. Excellent work! Though I've commented on only the top five, the bottom five are in no way bottom photographs. They are also terrific and should be applauded."

- Brian Lanker

Food & Drinks

Category Description:
Anything food related; particularly, images showing the wedding party or guests enjoying the tastes of the wedding celebration.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Angela Lang, CA-N, USA 06. Brett Hartwig, AUS
02. Karen Bridges, IL, USA 07. Kristy Ann Mann, CA-S, USA
03. Jaime Viera, CA-S, USA 08. Kelly Shimoda, NY, USA
04. Ronald Soliman, DE, USA 09. Jenna Tye, BC, CAN
05. Ben Quillinan, AZ, USA 10. Lyndsay Undseth, CA-N, USA

Other Vendors

Category Description:
Submissions include images of musicians, DJs, bands, wedding planners, reception hall staff, florists, caterers, etc.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Mark Earthy, SWE 06. Stephen Loh, SIN
02. Ben Chrisman, CA-N, USA 07. Morgan Lynn Razi, TX-S, USA
03. Rob Witzel, FL, USA 08. Stephen Voss, DC, USA
04. Robert Mirani, MA, USA 09. Kori Hudson, AR, USA
05. Chris Hartwig, FR 10. Mark Earthy, SWE

Cake Cutting

Category Description:
These images should demonstrate the photographer's ability to anticipate a moment and/or look beyond the ordinary 'Cake Cutting' images.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Chris Moseley, TX-N, USA 06. Denise Chastain, NY-LI, USA
02. Tina Wright, AZ, CAN 07. Siang Loo, WA, USA
03. Kenny Nakai, IL, USA 08. Matt McGraw, NC, USA
04. Keith Simonian, CA-N, USA 09. Emin Kuliyev, NY-C, USA
05. Anne Almasy, GA, USA 10. Kirsten Shultz, ID, USA


Category Description:
For the "Toasting" category, we are looking for images of individuals toasting.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Jonathan Kirshner, IL, USA 06. Holly Pacione, CO, USA
02. Yu Hsin Seah, SIN 07. Maya Myers, CA-S, USA
03. Stephen Loh, SIN 08. John Zich, IL, USA
04. Thomas Sanderson, VA, USA 09. Art Pinney, WA, USA
05. Samo Rovan, SI 10. Dave Arntson, ND, USA


Category Description:
For the "Weather" category, entries include the effects that the weather had on the wedding day (hot, cold, rain, wind, etc.).

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Janne Miettinen, FIN 06. Dave Arntson, ND, USA
02. Janis Ratnieks, LV 07. Ronald Soliman, DE, USA
03. John Zich, IL, USA 08. Brooke Lagstein, NJ, USA
04. Kim Bednarski Anderson, WI, USA 09. Nadra Edgerley ME, USA
05. Scott Reynolds, CA-S, USA 10. Edmund Tham, MAL

First Dance

Category Description:
For the "First Dance" category, we are looking for images of the bride and groom hitting the dance floor for the first time as a married couple.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Vera Varley, QB, CAN 06. Stacy Richardson, MD, USA
02. Tara Lokey, OK, USA 07. Christian Keenan, ENG
03. Joseph Gidjunis, PA, USA 08. Richelle Brown, IL, USA
04. Andre Maier, NY-C, USA 09. Mike Topham, VA, USA
05. Roey Yohai NY-C, USA 10. Craig Rogers, RI, USA


Category Description:
"Departure" images depict the moments when the bride and groom are leaving the reception area and their guests at the end of the wedding day.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Hassel Weems, GA, USA 06. Morgan Lynn Razi, TX-S, USA
02. Scott Juarez, TX-N, USA 07. Wansheng Chen, SIN
03. Lina Jang, NY-C, USA 08. Carl Bower, DC, USA
04. Brian Wedge, ME, USA 09. Josh Stephenson, CO, USA
05. Danny Iskandar, IN, USA 10. Ronald Soliman, DE, USA

Full Frame (Black and White)

Category Description:
Full frame, edge to edge, straight from the camera, no cropping, and ONLY in black and white (conversion to B&W is allowed).

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Rick Collins, BC, CAN 06. Samo Rovan, SI
02. David Murray, ME, USA 07. Lauren Brooks, OR, USA
03. Scott Lewis, PA, USA 08. Stephen Loh, SIN
04. Vera Varley, QB, CAN 09. Earl Christie, MA, USA
05. Mark Kegans, IA, USA 10. Jay Premack, DC, USA

Ring Details

Category Description:
Entries that depict shots of the rings, either set-up and controlled by the photographer or as they were found.

Top Ten Winners From This Category:
01. Adam Welch, CO, USA 06. Kent Meireis, CO, USA
02. Konstantin Andruhin, RUS 07. Laura Schoeggl, WA, USA
03. Fadi Kheir, NY-C, USA 08. Ken Luallen, NC, USA
04. Emin Kuliyev, NY-C, USA 09. Andree Kehn, ME, USA
05. David Christensen, GA, USA 10. Tina Wright, AZ, USA

* The final results of the WPJA Q4 2008 contest were published live on the site Friday, March 27th, 2009 around 5:00 p.m. EST. The contest announcement email (an email version of this page) was sent to all WPJA members the following morning, around 10:30 a.m. EST, with a few errors in member names and ranking within the Reception category. The mistakes were the result of human error for which we are truly sorry. All affected members have been notified with an explanation and an apology.



Brian Lanker has won numerous awards including the Pulitzer Prize in 1973 for his feature photography. He was named National Newspaper Photographer of the Year in 1970 and again in 1976. Read More...

Susan Walsh has worked as a staff photographer for the Associated Press for the last 15 years covering everything from Presidents to Patriots — the ones from New England, or course! Read More...

Mary F. Calvert has been a staff photographer at The Washington Times since 1998. While she has covered the White House and presidential campaigns, her calling is documenting the plight of women around the world. Read More...

Denny Simmons is a University of Missouri graduate, currently a photographer with the Evansville Courier & Press. Past positions include picture editor at the News Sun and the St. Joseph News-Press. Read More...

Amanda Voisard is a freelance photojournalist who recently relocated to Flagstaff, Arizona. A graduate of Ohio University, Amanda worked as a staff photographer since 2006 at The Palm Beach Post in south Florida. Read More...

Lisa Krantz has been a staff photographer at the San Antonio Express-News since March 2004. Previously she worked at the Naples (FL) Daily News for five years. Read More...

Bob Carey's passion for photography began in high school and has spanned over four decades. His love for capturing moments in time led him to a career in photojournalism. Read More...

Yunghi Kim is a freelance photographer based in New York. For 12 years, she was a staff photographer at the Boston Globe, and the Patriot Ledger in Quincy, Massachusetts. Read More...



D-65 Workshops

The WPJA is proud to announce that D-65 sponsored our Q4 2008 contest. Through this sponsorship, the WPJA and D-65 have come together to offer our members an exciting opportunity to be educated by some of the digital innovators in the photography industry.

Click here for more information about these D-65 workshops.

2009 DATES

August 14th - 17th
September 11th - 14th
New York:
October 2nd - 5th
Los Angeles:
November 13th - 16th
New Orleans:
December 11th - 14th



Photographer - Top Left
2007 POY: Ben Chrisman
Photographer - Top Middle
1st Runner-Up: Eric Lagstein
Photographer - Top Right
2nd Runner-Up: Carlo Carletti

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Photography Contests

3rd place in Great Natural Light: Clara Sampaio, Brazil
5th place in Great Natural Light: Dennis Crider, United States
1st place in Reception: Max Pell, Argentina
5th place in Reception: Max Pell, Argentina
4th place in Great Natural Light: David Clumpner, United States

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