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The Q4 Contest Deadline Is Now Two Weeks Away

The WPJA Q4 '09 contest deadline is next Friday, January 29th, 2010 at 9:00 p.m. EST. Images submitted for the Contest must have been created between January 1st and December 31st of 2009. No images may be submitted from previous years or from 2010.

Why should WPJA members enter this contest?

The Q4 Contest provides the last opportunity for WPJA members to enter the photographs they have taken throughout 2009, and showcase their year's photography to the world and potential clients who come to the WPJA looking for a wedding photographer.

Members who enter the Quarterly WPJA Contests also increase their position in regional listings, even if they don't win a placing in any of the categories. Increased exposure on the site means brides have a better chance of finding a Member's Profile.

With no charge for entering the contests, they're an easy way to boost a member's effectiveness on the WPJA, and every entry that wins a 1-20 placing is published on a Member's Profile, in the WPJA Contest Galleries and may be randomly displayed on the WPJA homepage.

Contest Judges

This is a partial list of judges:

David Leeson has been a staff photographer for The Dallas Morning News since 1984. In 2004, he was a Pulitzer Prize Winner for his photographs depicting the violence and poignancy of the war with Iraq. Read more...

David Stephenson is the Photojournalism Adviser for the University of Kentucky’s student newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel. David returned to his native Lexington and joined the staff of the Herald-Leader in 1997 and left to join the Kernel in 2009. Read more...

Loup Langton currently serves as Director of the Visual Journalism program at the University of Miami's School of Communication and as a member of the Pictures of the Year International Inaugural Advisory Board. Read more...

Eric Strachan is the senior managing editor at the Naples Daily News in Southwest Florida, where he started as a staff photographer in 1981. Read more...

Seth Resnick is one of North America's most prolific corporate, editorial and stock photographers. Seth is greatly in demand for his beautiful graphic images in both natural and created light. Read more...

Contest Categories

The categories we have chosen for this contest have been selected to both challenge and excite photographers to enter creative, unique and distinctly journalistic photographs.


Bride Getting Ready
“Bride Getting Ready” entries spontaneously capture the prepping, grooming, arranging, outfitting, and nail-biting before the ceremony.
Groom Getting Ready
“Groom Getting Ready” entries spontaneously capture the prepping, grooming, arranging, outfitting, and nail-biting before the ceremony.
Photos submitted into “Dancing” will display the varied emotions that take place on a wedding reception dance floor. Anything from the reception dance floor that illustrates the mood of a particular moment (from the first dance to the end of the party).
Off-Camera Flash / Strobe
Photographs in the “Off-Camera Flash/Strobe” category depict images which are crafted using off-camera flash or strobe techniques. In these entries, the photographer is controlling the lighting, sometimes overpowering the existing ambient light.
“Ceremony” shots catch guests and participants throughout pre-ceremony, vow-exchange, and receiving line activity.
“Emotion” entries unobtrusively freeze intriguing expressions ranging from joy to tears.
Reception Ambiance
These images should demonstrate the photographer's ability to capture the feeling, majesty, and ambiance of the reception, as they highlight the most appealing aspects of the setting (reception halls, tents, patios, beachfronts, woods, etc.), where the reception took place.
Details (Found)
“Details (Found)” encompasses tighter shots of the day's small slices AS THEY WERE FOUND.
NOTE: This category is NOT for set-up detail shots. It's important that images submitted in this category don't contain content controlled by the photographer.
Looking for images which display creative and unique usage of reflective surfaces in the events surrounding a wedding. (i.e. mirrors, glass, water, metals, etc.)
Bouquet / Garter (Action)
“Bouquet/Garter” (Action) entries capture active moments leading up to, and/or including, the peak action from the toss of the bride's bouquet or her garter.
Cake Cutting
These images should demonstrate the photographer's ability to anticipate a moment and/or look beyond the ordinary 'Cake Cutting' images that many would come to expect from a wedding.
Musicians & DJ's
“Musicians & DJs” submissions can include images of musicians in action, playing strings, winds, keyboards, guitars, etc. at the ceremony or cocktail hour; as well as shots of bands/DJs doing their 'thing'!


Trash The Dress (TTD) Portrait
Any image, created AFTER the wedding ceremony (typically from a different day), that depicts the bride or couple in formal wedding attire, trashing the dress, regardless of setting.
Engagement Portrait
“Engagement Portrait” should demonstrate the photographer's ability to create an interesting environmental portrait of their clients prior to the day of their wedding.

Contest Sponsors

The WPJA would also like to thank Creative Motion Design and D-65 for sponsoring our Q4 '09 contest. Through these sponsorships, we are able to offer our members discounts on top-notch industry products and education.

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D-65 Workshops

The WPJA is proud to announce that D-65 is sponsoring all of our 2009 quarterly contests.

D-65 is a company dedicated to educating photographers. They work with the industry to offer new ways of thinking, while incorporating the latest technologies. Their services include digital workflow workshops, seminars, bidding and production for still photo shoots, digital workflow analysis for studios and agencies, legal witness on copyright cases, private consulting along with marketing strategies and portfolio reviews. D-65 provides quality professionalism, while understanding the needs of photographers and creative individuals.

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D-65 have digital workflow workshops running in many locations across the United States in 2010, including:

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Photographer - Top Left
Neil Palmer, England
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Mariusz Lasocha, Canada
Photographer - Top Right
Samo Rovan, Slovenia

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Photography Contests

3rd place in Great Natural Light: Clara Sampaio, Brazil
5th place in Great Natural Light: Dennis Crider, United States
1st place in Reception: Max Pell, Argentina
5th place in Reception: Max Pell, Argentina
4th place in Great Natural Light: David Clumpner, United States

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