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Wedding Photographer: Miriam Webster defines a photographer as: “one who practices photography; especially : one who makes a business of taking photographs”. A wedding photographer is a specialized professional who visually captures the formal matrimonial ceremony. A wedding photographer uses various tools and techniques including film, chemicals, digital and mechanical processes to achieve a certain, static visual effect. Professional wedding photographers must have both creativity and technical expertise. This involves careful subject and equipment selection. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than half of all photographers are self-employed, thus must be skilled at operating a business, marketing for and consulting with customers. In addition to their camera, wedding photographers depend on supportive equipment including tripods, lenses, flashes, lighting and filters to garner an intended effect. Following the shoot, wedding photographers have many choices of laboratories for processing their film and/or digital files before turning over the finished photographic prints to their clients. Many wedding photographers choose to keep all the work in-house and handle all the post production processing themselves.


The Wedding Photographer - Then and Now

Shortly after Joseph Nicephore, a French physicist, created the first photograph, called a heliograph, in 1826, brides and grooms began using this technology to document their nuptials. Wedding photography began as far back as the early 1840’s, an art limited to formal studio work and posed shots because it required heavy, non-portable equipment. At this time, wedding photographers produced highly detailed daguerreotype portraits on a miniature sheet of copper. Before the advent of photography paper, wedding photographers also used glass plates and tin sheets. With a rising British middle class, their appreciation for the novelty and their even stronger gratitude for the cost benefits when compared to a painter’s fee, daguerreotype portraiture flourished in popularity. Obvious downsides, however, were in their limitation to black and white imagery and the lengthy exposure time restricting use to portraiture only.

The Wedding Photographer Realizes Portability:
Though the first form of color photography was introduced in the early 1900’s, it wasn’t for a full century that noticeable technological advances were realized. By 1945, the color processing technique was fine-tuned, so print images faded or shifted less. More advanced chemical processes further improved print quality. Color film for transparencies were introduced, portable lighting equipment was commercialized and the Polaroid Land camera produced a positive print in mere seconds. The wedding photographer was still largely restricted to formal, in-studio portraiture.

Following WWII, the new portable roll film based cameras with compact flash lighting drew budding new wedding photographers onto the scene competing with professional studio wedding photographers. World War II photographers including Edward Steichen, Margaret Bourke-White and Robert Capa began to document the military conflict, urgency and devastation of war. This technique began to slowly influence other forms of photography. Professional studio wedding photographers expanded their service to also include on-site coverage, albeit the inconvenience of transporting their heavy equipment. Traditional wedding photography which included in-studio or on-site posed shots was the favored option on the market during this time.

The Advent of Wedding Photojournalism:
Following the introduction of the 35mm camera, wedding photographers were finally free to capture the candid moments of a wedding, no longer tied to slow shutter speeds or heavy apparatus. The art of wedding photojournalism was born, offering a more spontaneous and documentary approach to wedding photography. This approach delivers more human, emotional and artistic results than that previously possible. Wedding photojournalism has been considered a product with origins in news photojournalism, differing only in subject matter.

Wedding photojournalism is a finely practiced craft typically using a variety of lenses with limited portraiture and posed shots, camera-aware subjects, image manipulation such as digital alteration or hand-tinting, extensive detail shots such as flowers, rings and cakes, wedding photographer prompting or subject interaction. Wedding photojournalists work best inconspicuously and unnoticed, watching, observing and freezing found moments in time. Like news photojournalists, wedding photojournalists carry most of their equipment on their body at all times. They use both digital and film processes to capture a true representation of what actually took place the moment the shutter was released.

Selecting the right Wedding Photographer or Wedding Photojournalist:
Wedding couples now have countless options from which to choose – from traditional or photojournalistic style to their photographer’s personal and creative approach. Each individual wedding photographer has his or her own technique – both in their art and in their business. While most work as freelancers or sole proprietors, others conduct business at a studio with multiple photographers on staff. Similarly, some photographers are willing to travel to your destination wedding, while others are not.

The introduction of the Internet alone means you can now conduct searches online at your convenience. Shoppers can now browse online wedding portfolios, avoiding time-consuming face-to-face meetings. They can request fee and package information, ask questions and even schedule the event by email, dramatically reducing the stress involved in wedding planning. Some wedding photographers even offer secure log-in, so you can review your images after the event in the privacy of your own home.

When limiting your options, consider the complete package – from quality to reputation and cost. Many brides and grooms mistakenly base their choice on price alone. Adherence to a pre-determined budget is often a crucial part of the decision process, but the photographer’s portfolio should be a biggest aspect of your decision.

Because wedding photography has expanded to include a plethora of artistic styles and approaches, brides and grooms now have the added advantage of variety. When shopping for a wedding photographer, choose a style that fits you. For those seeking a more artistic, spontaneous approach based on documenting, not directing, the scene, wedding photojournalism is probably the best option. Wedding photojournalism is able to freeze the emotions of the event and preserve them for years to come.

When you review various portfolios, pay attention to style, quality, quantity and consistency. While most every wedding photographer can show a few good shots, it’s helpful to see the entire wedding set. The more images offered both within each wedding and in all, and the more that meet your standards, the better. Further, if you’re reviewing the work for a wedding photography studio, make sure their portfolio accurately reflects the work of the wedding photographer that will be assigned to your event.

When benchmarking various wedding photographers, find out how much experience they have, how long they’ve been in business. What work did they specialized in prior to their current occupation (if applicable)? Research their background, education and any professional affiliations. Do they have a professional website? What is their personal philosophy? Once you’ve selected a photographer, be prepared to leave a deposit and sign a contract to reserve your wedding date.

Wedding photography has come a long way from its modest roots to the highly competitive, commercial and artistic field it is today. With this innovation comes a plethora of new choices and options for today’s bride and groom. With careful planning and a bit of industry know-how, anyone can find an ideally suited wedding photographer for their wedding day.

WEDPIX: The Wedding Photographer Magazine for the Wedding Photojournalist

AGPJA: Fine Art Wedding Photographers / Artistic Wedding Photographers


The WPJA grants membership to the most talented professional wedding photographers in the industry. We are looking for those with a documentary-style approach to weddings.


Digital Wedding Photographers and Film Wedding Photographers
Recently there is no topic that creates as much impassioned conversation when it is discussed among photographers....As a photographer who has used film for over twenty years and digital for the last six years, I would have to say that, at the time of this writing, it’s just about a dead heat...

What is Wedding Photojournalism There are probably at least twice as many definitions of “What The PJ Style Is” as there are photographers practicing it. When asked 'what is photojournalism'? W. Eugene Smith, one of the 20th century’s greatest photojournalists, replied “Documentary Photography with a purpose”...

Taking Care of Wedding Negatives (Film)
If couples do purchase the negatives or have them included in their wedding package price, the responsibility for preserving these important originals falls to the couple. Here are some guidelines that should be followed for the safest storage...



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